Good Music
thanks for legit the best cudi pictures i have seen in a while, love it !

No problem just sharing with the world :)

He wen't for coke....but when does he get out? and fuckkkk it if he wants to get clean fuck ittt, i mena he is deep and lyrically already but when he gets out he wont be shadowed by drugs so he will be rapping about incredibily DEEP shit.


Seem like we have the same idol !

Yes we do

I Love You So Muchhh Scott<3
When Will You Have A Consert
In LA?
Love You
-#1 FAN Stephanie Vargas

Aww how cute :D

I love your tumblr! I'm also a kid cudi fan! (:

Thank you! Who isn’t a Kid Cudi fan!?!?!?

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This is too funny

you're blog is amazinggg <3 & why on earth would cudi check into rehab?! i understand if it was for harder drugs, but he should never ever quit weed ! <3 it's not hurting anyone !

LOL thank you! And I totally agree weed doesn’t hurt anyone, but there does come a point when you grow out of it haha

Hey Guys I’m back!

Sorry for not posting stuff up I kind of fell in love with my girlfriend and forgot about Tumblr and then she broke up with me and I had a little mini breakdown so I isolated myself from the world, but never the less I am back and ready to start posting a lot more stuff for all my loyal followers. Thank you All!

Um kid cudi doesnt smoke anymore.. get on ur shit

So he says, did you know that Kid Cudi put himself in a rehab, and he’s been constantly relapsing and now he checked himself out. I bet you he still smokes

IT’S 4/20/11 too bad I don’t smoke anymore, but for all of you who still do, don’t forget to get your Kid Cudi on, we all know he’s lighting it up where ever he is!